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Arif's Pro Background

Arif was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. During his junior years, he competed in the SoCal Tennis section, with his highest singles ranking reaching #22 and his highest doubles ranking reaching #2 in this section. During this time, Arif was also ranked Nationally—reaching top 50 on the National Singles list. In 2001, he began playing ITF Futures Tournaments, and played for six years. In 2008, Arif shifted his path and joined the United States Marine Corps for six years—four of them in the infantry and two as a combat instructor at USMC Base Quantico. In 2014, Arif returned to civilian life and returned to the sport he loved. He took a Head Tennis Pro job at several clubs and also served as the assistant coach for two seasons at the NCAA Division 1 School of University of New Mexico. Arif is excited to bring his tennis knowledge to the courts at RCW, and we are thrilled to welcome him to our team!

See What Others are Saying about Working with Arif:

“Arif is such a positive, strong figure that has made me immensely successful and motivated even after the first few weeks together. He is an understanding coach that will not fail to push you to your full potential and by trusting him I’ve grown so much. He has modified parts of my mindset surrounding tennis and life in general and I would not be where am I as a player without his understanding encouragement and teachings.”  

-Lydia S.


"My son Matthew has really enjoyed taking lessons from Arif. He really likes him as a teacher and as a person.  To quote my teenager... 'I like him and he seems genuinely interested in me and my life. He’s supportive, funny, and the way he teaches tennis really seems to click for me.' To hear him excited about the sport that I love really means a lot to me. Thanks Arif!"

                                                                                               -Trish S. 

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