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A Calm Night by Candlelight

April 29th

We are bringing a unique event to Central Pennsylvania on Saturday, April 29th! 


American Buddhist Monks from Thailand, Venerable Michael and Venerable Nick, will be teaching us about meditation and sharing their wisdom and tricks for calming the mind. 


Our world is busy. We move from one thing to the next. We hurry from one place to another. We are oftentimes over-scheduled and over-extended. There seems to be more anxiety and stress plaguing us than ever before. 


Let's learn some tools for improving our wellness!

Meditation allows us the opportunity to slow down, breathe, and quiet the noise. The benefits of meditation are truly endless...enhances self-awareness, reduces stress, controls anxiety, lengthens attention span, generates empathy and kindness, and improves sleep, among many more. 


Our passion at RCW Athletic Club is tennis, but our goal is improving overall wellness. The benefits of meditation know no bounds. It's the perfect tool for athletes and non-athletes alike. 


Come join us for this FREE, one-of-a-kind event, and learn meditation tools and tips from the experts!

You do not have to have any previous skill or experience level in meditation. This event is free and open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs! Come out, bring a friend, and enjoy this rare opportunity to learn a skill that can bring immeasurable benefit both on and off the court! 

The Schedule

6:30 PM - people should try to arrive around this point in order to socialize, have some complimentary snacks, and start to find their seats on the court while we have some peaceful music playing in the background. As it gets closer to 7:00 pm, the emcee will invite everyone to be seated as the Buddhist monks take their seats on the stage in order to officially start the candle lighting and meditation. 

7:00 PM - after some opening words, the monk will guide everyone to light the candles throughout the event grounds. The monk will then guide us in meditation followed by spreading of loving-kindness to the entire world. 

8:00 PM - after the end of the meditation, there will be some parting words shared before the end of the program at some point around 8:00pm. Everyone is welcome to stay a little bit longer to socialize, have some refreshments, and enjoy the peaceful music and magical atmosphere of the candlelight. 

Please note that since this is a public event, we will be taking some pictures of the event to help display this special evening on our social media pages.

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