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What is Padel?

Padel is a mix between tennis and squash, and also has similarities to pickleball.

The sport is typically played as doubles on an enclosed court with glass walls. The court is about a third of the size of a tennis court. Scoring in Padel is the same as tennis (you must win two of three sets). Sets are played to 6, with a tiebreak played at 6-6.  Serves are made underhand and shots are made before or after the ball bounces off the surrounding walls. 

Right now, Padel is the fastest-growing racquet sport in the world. It is played in 78 different countries across the globe, taking the sports world by storm in Europe and Latin America, and just breaking into the United States!

Padel is easy to learn, and hard to master! Even in the early learning phases, you’re sure to get addicted! 

Benefits of Padel:

Why try Padel when you already love Tennis?

Here are the reasons so many people are trying Padel and loving it:

  • It is easier on the body

  • The Padel court is softer than a hard tennis court

  • Padel offers an overall easy entry into the sport

  • You can learn the basics very quickly

  • It is a great opportunity for increasing your healthy and wellness at any age

  • The smaller court footprint to cover makes it much more accessible and fun to any fitness level

  • Gives a fantastic workout!


Get Ready for Padel

Padel Packages

Padel Slam 
  • 1 Year Membership

  • 3 Lessons

  • 10 Hours of Court Time

  • 2 Mixers

  • 2 Guest Passes

  • 1 Padel at RCW Sweatshirt

  • 1 Padel Racquet

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padel 1.jpeg
Padel Gold 
  • 1 Year Membership

  • 2 Lessons

  • 5 Hours of Court Time

  • 1 Mixers

  • 1 Guest Passes

  • 1 Padel at RCW T-Shirt

Padel at RCW Details

  • Padel Only Membership: $149/year

  • Add on Padel Membership to current Tennis Membership: +$50/year

  • Court Costs: $56/hour and $80/1.5 hours

  • Padel Unlimited: $250/month

Looking for Padel Coaching?

Coming soon!

We will have trained & certified coaches at RCW. Stay tuned for details!!


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