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Padel at RCW

Come play the fastest-growing racquet sport in the world.

Courts open NOW!

Join before the courts fill up! 

What is Padel?

Padel is a mix between tennis and squash, and also has similarities to pickleball.

The sport is typically played as doubles on an enclosed court with glass walls. The court is about a third of the size of a tennis court. Scoring in Padel is the same as tennis (you must win two of three sets). Sets are played to 6, with a tiebreak played at 6-6.  Serves are made underhand and shots are made before or after the ball bounces off the surrounding walls. 

Right now, Padel is the fastest-growing racquet sport in the world. It is played in 78 different countries across the globe, taking the sports world by storm in Europe and Latin America, and just breaking into the United States!

Padel is easy to learn, and hard to master! Even in the early learning phases, you’re sure to get addicted! 

Benefits of Padel:

Why try Padel when you already love Tennis?

Here are the reasons so many people are trying Padel and loving it:

  • It is easier on the body

  • The Padel court is softer than a hard tennis court

  • Padel offers an overall easy entry into the sport

  • You can learn the basics very quickly

  • It is a great opportunity for increasing your healthy and wellness at any age

  • The smaller court footprint to cover makes it much more accessible and fun to any fitness level

  • Gives a fantastic workout!


Gabo Murcia

Padel Professional

Gabo Murcia, with a passion for Padel cultivated over three years in Spain, eagerly brings his expertise to RCW. Formerly recognized as a standout LL League Tennis Player at Ephrata, he transitioned to D3 college tennis at Case Western Reserve University, contributing to the team's impressive 3rd-place finish at the 2016 National Indoor Championships.


Following his college tennis experience, Gabo switched to playing Padel full-time. He thrived on the competitive Madrid Padel circuit, renowned as one of the world's premier amateur platforms. Notably, he represented Club de Tenis Chamartin, his coaching and playing hub, as the #1 pair in the inter-club Madrid Padel Championships.

Gabo is thrilled to welcome you to the courts at RCW! He can provide a great introduction to the sport through our New to Padel Series, help take your game to the next level through Private/Semi Private Lessons, or provide encouraging tips and helpful instruction through arranged matchplay. 

Contact Gabo at!

program options

Coached  Matchplay
Doubles play with a pro!
$25/person (+$10 nonmember fee)
Mondays 5:30pm-7pm and 7pm-8:30pm
Wednesdays 9am-10:30am
Saturdays 10am-11:30am

Womens Night
Ladies doubles!
$20/person (+$10 Nonmember fee)
Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm

mens Night
Mens doubles!
$20/person (+$10 Nonmember fee)
Wednesdays 5:30pm-7pm & 7pm-8:30pm

2024 Padel Schedule

New to Padel

Tuesdays 5pm-6pm

Thursdays 6pm-7pm

Did you know? Padel is the fastest growing sport worldwide! It’s time for YOU to check it out! Join our Padel Maestro, Gabo, in this 4-week introductory padel series. Over the course of the 4 week series, you will learn the rules, foundational shots, and have lots of time to practice and apply your new skills! No equipment needed! No membership required!

Limited spaces. $80/person

Photo Apr 14 2024, 5 13 43 PM.jpg

Private, Semi-private, and Group


Lessons are one of the best ways to improve your game! Very flexible scheduling options allows for you to schedule one lesson at a time, OR, lock in a weekly lesson spot that is yours every week! If you are interested in a semi-private or group lesson, but need help finding additional players for the lesson, contact us and we are happy to help!

Private Lesson - $100/hour

Semi-Private Lesson - $55/hour (per person)

3 person Lesson - $45/hour (per person)

*additional $10 nonmember lesson fees apply

To schedule a lesson, contact Gabo at!

4 Lesson Package!

$75+ Savings!

Don't let this awesome deal pass you by! Purchase this 4 Lesson Package, which covers 4 1-hour private lessons, for JUST $325! This is a $75 savings, and we'll waive any nonmember lesson fees!


Check out Padel at RCW!

Padel at RCW Details

  • Annual Padel Only Membership: $149/year

  • Add on Padel Membership to current RCW Tennis Membership: +$50/year

  • Court Costs: $48/hour

Don't miss out on the fun of Padel!

Get fit and have fun with this popular new sport!

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