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August 2023
Junior Clinic Schedule

We will be running a 3-week Junior Schedule from August 14th-August 31st, which will transition us from Summer Camps to our Fall Program. Clinics will be held Monday-Thursday during the weeks of August 14th, August 21st, and August 28th for all juniors! We welcome non-members to join us, also! 


Red Ball - Wednesdays 5pm-6pm

Orange Ball - Monday-Thursday 5pm-6pm

Green Ball - Monday-Thursday 4:30pm-6pm

Yellow Ball - Monday-Thursday 4:30pm-6pm

Elite - Tuesday-Thursday 3pm-5pm

Registration Options:

  1. You may take advantage of an "All Access Pass" for those 3 weeks. This option is only available to current Junior Members. Get the All Access Pass and your child can attend as often as he/she wants! Green/Yellow Ball All Access Pass is $199/member and Orange Ball All Access Pass is $130. To purchase the All Access Pass, click here. After purchasing, the Pass will be loaded into your Court Reserve Member Portal. You will then register your child for clinic(s) directly in the Court Reserve Member Portal!

  2. You may register your child at the daily rate during those 3 weeks. Green and Yellow Ball Daily rate is $34/member and $39/nonmember. Orange Ball Daily Rate is $24/member and $29/nonmember. Members will register for clinic(s) directly in your Court Reserve Member Portal found Here. Non-members can email to register. 

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